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Virtual Swagelok® Process Analyzer Sample Systems (PASS)

Weekdays- September 12-23, 2021
8:00pm- 12:00am EST (your local date & time)

LOCATION: Virtual Online Course

Learn How to Design and Optimize Process Analyzer Sampling Systems


  • Learn how to prevent costly sampling system errors through sound design principles
  • Design and build an optimized process analyzer sampling system that delivers timely, accurate results

What You’ll Learn

  • How a sampling system functions from the process line and tap through the transport lines and stream switching, sample conditioning, analyzer and disposal processes
  • How to identify the root cause of issues related to system design
  • Engineering principles, formulas and calculations that are the basis for sound sampling system design
  • How to optimize your sampling system, prevent sampling system errors, and ensure accurate process analyzer readings

Course content is derived from Industrial Sampling Systems, a technical reference book authored by industry expert and consultant Tony Waters.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone with an engineering background interested in understanding the fundamentals of designing, constructing, operating or maintaining sampling systems, including system and design engineers, chemists, integrators, highly trained technicians, and a wide array of industry professionals
  • Appropriate for training both new and experienced sampling system professionals

Swagelok® training programs provide a range of valuable and practical tools for meeting day-to-day challenges related to fluid system and sampling system design, operation, and maintenance. In-depth, hands-on courses taught by experienced instructors help both new team members and industry veterans. Whether you need to build a foundational understanding of fluid and sampling systems or you want to stay up to date on the latest technologies and best practices, Swagelok offers robust training.

For more information https://www.swagelok.com/en/services/training

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What People Are Saying:

“Understanding the physics behind sampling system design is an important takeaway from this course, if not the most important one for me”

Ivan Cvek, Shell