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Siemens ASM and GCP

Instructor: Michael Hoffman

May 18th 8:00am - 5:00pm

An introduction to the Siemens AMADAS “ASM”, Analyzer Management System, sharing the flexibility and value of extended data in the day-to-day maintenance activities of any process analyzer. This software enables the hands-on technician to better frame their time through the day and focus on the analyzer systems that need attention.  The user-friendly operator interface makes it possible to access measured value trends, device states and statistical evaluations, or to start test routines for validation. The collected information can be used to analyze long-term performance of your installed base in order to optimize service requirements through predictive maintenance. A comprehensive reporting module with predefined reports is available to document the evaluations. This software tool brings high value to the tech willing to use this informational system.

A review of Siemens Gas Chromatograph Portal “GCP” software tool.  This is the software maintenance and engineering interface to the Siemens Maxum platform. This time will be used to review the GCP software tool for functional use. Analysis results, chromatograms and alarm logs are just a simple click away. Furthermore, automatic data logging and reporting functions are completely supported in the Gas Chromatograph Portal. And each display takes full advantage of the latest user interface features. For example, changing gate times on a chromatogram is as simple as clicking on the current gate markers and dragging them to a new setting. Even adding a new peak can be accomplished by simply right-clicking on the peak on the chromatogram and selecting "Add Peak" from the pop-up menu. Bring your laptop and a copy of the GCP software will be made available for interactive instruction. 

Having an issue with or want to do something extra with a Maxum application? Bring a current AMD file and let’s review.


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