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Insights with Insight - COSA | August 12th | 12:00pm MDT

Online Webinar with Phil Harris

Thursday, August 12th | 12:00pm MDT | (Your date and time)

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Optimization of air-to-fuel ratio control with the COSA 9610.

The measuring principle of the COSA 9610 Wobbe Index Meter is based on the analysis of residual oxygen content in the flue gas after the combustion of the sample. A continuous gas sample is mixed with dry air at a precisely maintained constant ratio, dependent on the BTU range of the gas to be measured. This provides for optimally adjusting the air-to-fuel ratio, enabling the combustion turbine or burner to operate at its most cost-effective, efficient point – where NOx emissions are minimized.

 Fast response times, flameless combustion, auto-calibration & validation functionality, and minimal maintenance requirements all ensure the COSA 9610 BTU Analyzer allows for better and more efficient optimization of your process.

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