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This full-day training course will introduce fundamental concepts and theory for the most common analytical technologies applied in industrial processes.


Instructor: Phil Harris

An introduction to Process Analyzer Sample System applications with emphasis on understanding the measurement requirements and key design details which may impact performance. Specific subject areas include:

Understanding the application needs

  • Why do we measure?
  • How is the data used

Sample Extraction

  • The importance of the sample tap
  • Probe Considerations

Time Delay in Sample Systems

  • Sources of Time Delay
  • Typical Calculations

Sample Conditioning

  • Fundamentals of Filtration
  • Liquids Removal – Knockouts and Coalescers

Phase Fundamentals

  • Condensation and Phase Diagrams
  • Vaporization of Liquids



A hard copy of all the presentation materials will be provided, along with worked solutions to sample problems, technical documents related to specific issues, sample excel spreadsheets and other relevant design information.


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